There’s loads of discussion on the net about how long your blog posts should be.  Of course, there’s no finite answer. Your post should be “as long as it needs to be.”

Most “professionals” I know tend to be quite verbose.  For many, “writing” is their craft.

But I think you should ‘err on the side of shorter rather than longer posts.  Isn’t that true of most of your writing for targeted audiences?

Most of the best informed on the blogging topics suggest that, under nearly all conditions, you keep your posts to less than 1,000 words.  Probably your “sweet spot” should be around 250 words.

Most of your target readers come to your site with a predisposition to having a very short attention span when it comes to reading online content. One study reported you can’t count on readers staying on your site (post) for longer than a minute and a half.

And there is some evidence from SEO experts that some key search engines discount posts that are exceptionally brief or excessively long.

Finally, remember that the most important element of your post is likely to be your blog’s TITLE. Too many bloggers pour a lot of sweat into their post contents then just slop any ol’ title onto it. Blog titles are like an advertisement for your carefully crafted work. Use the title to encourage others to open your post. And, as you know, Google and other search engines pay a great deal of attention to your title when they determine whether they will return your post when a prospective reader is searching for information.

By the way, this post is about 270 words.