Most modern professionals now make use of practice marketing through various online media. The most basic tool is to have a domain and website for your business. Deciding on that is easy, choosing the right domain name is usually tougher. Read on to learn of a few ways in which to go about this task.

Keep it simple

As far as possible, try to pick a domain name that is the same as your company name. Why is this so important? For the very simple reason that we tend to remember websites by name and when that name is also the URL, it makes things really very easy. How many times have you memorized some URL that is totally unrelated to your favorite product?

Prefer branded names for your domain than generic ones. Something that is easy to remember will most likely be tried out than some vague domain name.

If you stumble upon a short, snazzy domain name that has not been taken yet, seize it before someone else does. If you are forced to look at a longer name try to make it into a coherent group of words that makes sense; there’s nothing more frustrating than having a series of unconnected alphabets or words thrown together.

Another advantage with longer domain names is that you could incorporate your site keywords into them. This is actually very smart practice marketing, since it ensures that your site attracts a greater traffic through the search engines.

Try to avoid the use of hyphens in your domain name; especially avoid a name that differs from your competitor’s by just a hyphen or even a few alphabets. If people don’t realize that a hyphen is to be typed (because the friend who recommended the product didn’t mention it) or just forget to do it, you’d actually be doing your competitor’s practice marketing – they’ll all be directed to his website than yours.

More the merrier

Having many similar domain names is a brainy thing to do – if you have “”, also register “” So no one can pull a fast one on you in the future. Or try a bigger name with “.com” and a smaller version of the same name with “.net”. You don’t need different web pages for this – several domains can point to the same website.


If your name is one that’s usually spelled wrong, even that could be turned into an advantage – just go ahead and register that misspelled name too, so you don’t miss out on a sale either way.

Test it on others

Before you do the final registration, just try out your name with your family, friends or clients. Do they find it easy to pronounce and spell? Does it make sense to them? Their opinion matters; their response is probably a reflection of what your future clients are going to think.
When it comes to practice marketing in today’s times, speed is of essence. Don’t wait for that “eureka” moment – just go ahead and register a sensible name before it’s snatched up by your competitor.