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When you are using your online presence to promote a niche service in your practice marketing campaign, incorporating long tail keywords is one of the most effective on-site SEO tactics for attracting potential clients would use when they are further along the buying cycle. These three to five word phrases are not searched for nearly as often as more popular keywords, but they are considerably less competitive and often tremendously more profitable.

Over the course of the last few years, a growing segment of marketing professionals have noted that the public has been rapidly transitioning from relying on larger mainstream markets for professional services toward smaller niche markets. By focusing on long tail keywords that draw in highly targeted traffic from visitors who are specifically in the market for your particular professional service, you can promote your industry niche without competing with larger organizations for traffic that you don’t need.

You can discover the ideal long tail keywords for your search marketing campaign by keeping your eyes open for untapped opportunities during the keyword research process. If you do not have much keyword research experience, a good place to start is to enter some of the more common keywords related to your professional service into online keyword tools like Wordtracker or Google Adwords. The best long tail keywords that you should be looking for will have the follow three traits in common:

  • Directly Related to Your Service
  • Tolerable Number of Monthly Searches
  • Relatively Little Competition

When you are considering which long tail keywords are best for you, it’s helpful to put yourself in the shoes of a potential client. If you are promoting a personal injury website in San Diego, for example, you might begin with a likely individual who has just been suffered a slip and fall injury. Such a person would probably begin researching his legal options by using common short keywords such as “personal injury settlements” that you will have a hard time competing for with a less established website.

Once he has educated himself about the basics of a slip and fall case, however, he will start using long tail keywords to familiarize himself with the different lawyers in his area that specialize in these cases. By targeting keywords like “San Diego slip and fall lawyer” and “California slip and fall injury lawyers” that are not already dominated by your competition, you can begin attracting targeted traffic from potential clients at the moment in the buying process when they are most likely to act.

In terms of monthly searches, a long tail keyword may be perfect for your business even if it has as little as a couple of hundred searches per month. Time and time again, long tail keywords have been shown to offer lower cost per clicks (CPCs), higher click-through rates (CTRs) and increased conversion rates compared to more popular keywords. As a result, implementing a long tale keyword strategy for your website will improve your bottom line by lowering your overall cost per action (CPA).

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