practice marketingBlogging has always been a great way to share your expertise and professional insights with your online audience. Now that search engines like Google are placing a renewed emphasis on fresh, relevant content in their search results, however, maintaining an active blog is also becoming an essential element of a successful inbound marketing campaign.

By providing Google’s bots with an active feed of fresh blog posts containing quality content and relevant keywords, you’ll give your practice’s website a significant boost in the search engine results. You’ll also provide new and existing contents with usable tips and tools that they can use while evaluated your services while establishing yourself as a leading voice in your professional niche.

The best way to get started is to create a realistic game plan that includes the types of topics you want to focus on, the frequency of your posts and the primary keywords that you want to target. By setting up a simple editorial calendar for your blogging campaign, you can easily track your blog’s progress and ensure you’re creating the right kind of fresh content.

Suggested Exercise:

Spend some time creating a clear and consistent strategy for your blog. Begin by identify the primary keywords that you want to build content around for SEO purposes. There are tons of great tools and resources available for keyword research, but the best place to start is the Google Adword Tool.

Next, brainstorm some relevant blog post topics and incorporate your keywords into simple but engaging titles. Finally, create a couple of pieces of content that use your primary keywords effectively while offering readers relevant and useful information. If you’re discussing topics that you’ve already written about elsewhere on your sight, be sure to include links to those pages in the body of your post.