Emails can prove to be very powerful for practice marketing for you as a professional whose services are on hire and who is keen to establish and grow the practice. Emails are like double edged sword, cutting both ways. If the emails are not targeted, they will be useless and detrimental but if targeted at the right audience, emails can carry your practice marketing forward.

Targeted emails not spam:

For practice marketing emails to have any impact, they should reach the right audience, otherwise you will be spamming and annoying a lot of people, who may spew venom and hatred and have you shut down. Nobody likes to receive spam mail and often it wastes lot of time and requires energy to shift through all the mail which is useless.

A better way is to either hire or buy targeted lists, which contain people who have opted in to receive such mails and are interested in the kind of information you have to offer. It will cost you some money, but will pay off more than its cost eventually and you will not be excused of spamming.

Another way is to invite subscription and registrations at your website from those visiting it and only those who are really interested and serious about your content will sign up. Slowly you will build your own captive list to which you can send your ezine and personalized mails.

What goes in the email?

Hard nosed marketing messages in the emails will simply kill your entire list in no time. People are ready to avail your services only when they are ready and willing on their own, so respect their sense of judgment and choice and never send loud and obvious practice marketing messages.

If you are a private investigator or detective wishing to attract more clients and business, you can write very interesting pieces of cases which you have encountered and handled. Fill out some details with suspense and drama as it unfolds, holding the readers attention till the end. Towards the close of the narration in the email or Ezine, you can demonstrate your expertise in solving the case. Various case scenarios like cheating husbands tracking, background checks on individuals entering into partnership, locating missing persons and investigating some serious crimes will establish your expertise in the eyes of your audience.

As a dentist you can provide very useful information on how to look after the teeth to last us a lifetime, telltale symptoms of tooth decay, bad breath solutions, and foods causing plaque and decay, new techniques in dentistry, tips on selecting the right mouthwash, toothpaste and toothbrush.

A seasoned Lawyer like you can discuss how to avoid foreclosure, explain deed in lieu of foreclosure and legal remedies available against various offenders and law breakers. You can also mention how you solved some criminal cases, if you are a criminal lawyer, or discuss the constitutional rights of the citizens.

The trick is to give out the impression that you’re the visitor’s friend, philosopher and guide. Once the trust and reputation is established the clients will do your bidding like lambs and you can sigh with satisfaction at the practice marketing emails you had so cleverly crafted to  build your practice.