Month: March 2011

Nail Your Target Demographic with Long Tail Keywords

When you are using your online presence to promote a niche service in your practice marketing campaign, incorporating long tail keywords is one of the most effective on-site SEO tactics for attracting potential clients would use when they are further along the buying cycle. These three to five word phrases are not searched for nearly as often as more popular keywords, but they are considerably less competitive and often tremendously more profitable. Over the course of the last few years, a growing segment of marketing professionals have noted that the public has been rapidly transitioning from relying on larger mainstream markets for professional services toward smaller niche markets. By focusing on long tail keywords that draw in highly targeted traffic from visitors who are specifically in the market for your particular professional service, you can promote your industry niche without competing with larger organizations for traffic that you don’t need. You can discover the ideal long tail keywords for your search marketing campaign by keeping your eyes open for untapped opportunities during the keyword research process. If you do not have much keyword research experience, a good place to start is to enter some of the more common keywords related to your professional service into online keyword tools like Wordtracker or Google Adwords. The best long tail keywords that you should be looking for will have the follow three...

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Five Common Link Building Mistakes

Link building is a time consuming but essential SEO task that is never truly complete. In the rush to build as many high quality links as possible, it can be tempting to cut corners by using link building techniques that can actually damage your practice’s ranking with the major search engines. Let’s take a look at a few of the most common link building mistakes that you need to keep an eye out for. Link Spamming: Exchanging a high quantity of inbound and outbound links with a handful of sites is not a good way to the link juice flowing. In a best case scenario, search engines will only reward a few of these links. In a worst case scenario, you’re site will be directly penalized for trying to game the system. Irrelevant Inbound Links: Thanks to recent updates with the major search engines, it is now more than ever to have plenty of inbound links from sources that are clearly relevant to your subject matter. Outbound Links to “Bad Neighbors”: Be careful about linking to sites that engage in practices that Google, Bing and Yahoo might find distasteful, such as black hat SEO techniques or posting adult content. Simply linking to a site with a bad reputation can have an adverse effect on the ranking of your own site. Inbound Links with Poor Anchor Text: Whenever possible, try...

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Running a Article Marketing Campaign with 15 Minutes per Day

Article marketing is an excellent method of increasing your website’s organic traffic while increasing your ranking in search engine results. However, all too many business owners fail to put an effective article marketing campaign to the test due to the common misconception that it takes a ton of time in order to get a campaign off the ground. In reality, a streamlined article marketing engine is a snap to set up and can be managed with as little as fifteen minutes per day. Like so many other things in business, the trick is to work smart. Familiarize Yourself with the Major Article Directory Submission Guidelines The first step to streamlining the article marketing process is to learn a little bit about how each of the major article directories do business. In most cases, you will probably limit your campaign to a handful of directories, and it is crucial that you are familiar with the different guidelines and policies that separate one directory from the next. Be sure to avoid directories that add nofollow or noindex values to their published articles if you want to see an increase in your search engine results placement. EzineArticles and GoArticles are both great places to start. Outsource Your Article Writing Needs to Content Mills Once you’ve gotten to know how the article marketing process works, it’s time to start generating content. While many...

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