Month: December 2009

Vary Your Blog Post Approach

I notice that too many bloggers use a “single minded” approach when crafting their blog posts.  Using varied approaches to the type of blogs posts you write will make your blog more sophisticated and much more interesting. For example, if most of your blog posts are “informational” (like Wikipedia), try these approaches: Create a list. “Top 10 Reasons to ….” Lists are fairly easy to craft, are popular with readers and can be attractive to other bloggers (getting links to your blog) Reviews. “Review” is a very popular google search term. People check out Google for product or service reviews before making a purchase. Comparison Posts. May be similar to “review” post but compares two (or more) options.  You might compare and contrast products, services or strategies, for example. Many people seem to search Google for something like “Product Acme vs Product...

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Google Adwords Help?

I haven’t seen any announcement from Google, but the beta release of their new service to match Adwords experts with people who are seeking professional help is now available and an online: After selecting your location (country), your budget for the adwords campaign, and the type of Adwords help you are looking for (ongoing campaign management, one-time adwords optimization, one-time setup, or Google adwords training) a list of certified Adwords professionals along with a description of the company in profile form is provided by Google. From the search return list, those seeking services can also refine their query to include agencies which offer ancillary services such as display advertising, SEO, Web design, analytics, etc. Check it out. Pay per click campaign management is one of those services which you should probably consider...

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